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Advocacy Masking as Journalism

March 22, 2009

People now are seeing that a stimulus package rushed through Congress without allowing proper time for review is a stimulus package that may, for example, allow companies who receive bailout funds to pay exorbitant bonuses to the exact executives who guided those companies into troubled waters to begin with.  The average Joe or Joetta may be reconsidering their support for the program given that now the waste is readily apparent.  To the rescue comes The Beaver County Times, so desirous to reestablish popular support for the package that it placed a “pay no attention to executive bonuses and look what’s in it for you” story at the very top of its on-line edition today.   As if $10 a week was truly going to give the economy a boost or persons worried they may soon be without a job are going apply for new home or car loans.  The shame is, many of the Times’ bloggers will be proclaiming their support for things such as tax cuts for those who don’t pay taxes.

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