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Advocacy Hiding as Journalism, part 2

March 25, 2009

In keeping with its now-common theme of writing articles with no intent other than to foster jealousy and discontent, the Beaver County Times today saw fit to publish one that did just that.  The article reported that Nova Chemicals will pay to its exiting CEO, Jeffrey Lipton, the $38.6MM pension that he is contractually owed.  The Times noted that Nova Chemicals lost significant money last year, is laying off approximately 400 persons, was having difficulty refinancing debt, and was recently purchased by Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company. The clear inference is that Nova’s failings are on Lipton’s shoulders and that somehow he should not be entitled to the pension the company had agreed-to when it hired him in 1994.

What the paper did not report was that the current economy is negatively impacting almost every industry that Nova serves and that practically all chemical industry firms are suffering under similar burdens. Lipton did well to negotiate the company’s sale and to salvage the jobs that will remain rather than face an uncertain bankruptcy. But far be it for the Times to tell both sides of the story as the paper continues to play up the victimhood of Everyman.

This ploy of fostering resentment has worked for the Democratic party and President Obama; it’s not surprising to see one of its mouthpieces using it by one if their mouthpieces.

The Barna Research Group looked at some other interesting characteristics of Obama voters: 57 percent of those who consider themselves “lonely or isolated,” 59 percent of those affected by the economic decline in “a major way,” and 61 percent of those who claim they are “stressed out” supported BHO.

So, considering the stats, the Democrats’ strategy of fomenting dissent and disunity by promoting themes of disparity was vital to Obama’s election. Indeed, the Left’s political playbook has only one chapter defining their modus operandi — “Divide-n-Conquer.” No wonder their national leadership calls itself the DnC.

Obama’s largest constituent groups fall under the general umbrella of “disenfranchised victims,” those who feel they are ethnically or economically handicapped. Other significant constituent groups are those who identify with the disenfranchised; this includes two small but highly ideologically influential groups, the economic and academic elite.

The disenfranchised victim groups and those who identify with them have a number of common characteristics. They have a low civic IQ and virtually no understanding of our Constitutional Republic and its heritage and legacy of liberty. They have fully bought into the “Politics of Disparity” or “class warfare.”– Mark Alexander, The Patriot Post, Vol. 09 No. 02

It seems the the Beaver County Times is following a strategy in support of the DNC when it decides how to present local news.


I posted an entry into the Times’ website generally stating that I  thought their article was a propaganda piece.  Their content editor chose not to allow it to be posted.  Is the Beaver County Times afraid of a little criticism?

The tactics mentioned above seem to work.  The first comment from TLR’s blog suggests that Congress shold interfere with private contracts in order to “right these wrongs.”

flash88 wrote on Mar 25, 2009 10:15 AM:

” This excessive payout is simply obscene. His contract should be MODIFIED…What say you Congress? Are you up to the task? Do you have the guts to do what is right for this country? “
George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”   The DNC and the Times certainly understand what Shaw was saying.
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