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Larry Elder’s Imagination

March 26, 2009
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There is no way I could offer evidence of the MSM’s double standard and obvious pattern of covering for The One as well as Larry Elder did today.  In contrasting coverage of the President’s performance to-date against how the exact acts would have been reported had John McCain been elected, Elder lays to waste the fallacy of an imparital press.

Imagine if President McCain acted “outraged” — as though he, his secretary of Treasury, and a party leader (Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.) had not previously known about and approved the controversial AIG bonuses; executives at Freddie and Fannie, failed institutions now taken over by government, were getting bonuses, too; and during this recession, after criticizing taxpayer-funded corporate retreats, President McCain and First Lady Cindy McCain threw taxpayer-funded White House parties nearly every night, hiring entertainers such as Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers.

One can only imagine…

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