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Unions Dishonestly Lobby for EFCA

March 27, 2009


Today, the Beaver County Times published a letter to the editor from Edwin D. Hill of Chippewa, PA .  Following the lead of Dan Bosh, a USW operative earlier published by the Times, Mr. Hill chose not to inform the Times’ readers that he is the International President of the IBEW and therefore holds a vested interest in the subject matter being debated.  His letter details various unsubstantiated US workplace “facts” and argues that the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), an Orwellian name for a piece of legislation if ever there was one, would help correct these injustices.

This act helps resolve these issues by amending the National Labor Relations Act in three ways: it enables employees to utilize majority sign-up, in addition to the secret-ballots election option; it increases fines that can be levied against companies that violate established federal labor laws; it provides for arbitration and/or mediation should the employees and the company not reach a contract within 120 days of union certification.

I’ll not discuss here my views on unionization in general but only my opinion of the EFCA, which steadfastly I am against.  In the interest of fairness, I offer links below to the AFL-CIO web site that presents its take on EFCA, and one published by The Heritage Foundation in rebuttal.

Like his decision not to inform readers of his ties to the union, Edwin Hill also chose not to include in his letter the most controversial aspect of this pending legislation — that it effectively eliminates the option of a secret ballot when voting whether or not to unionize.  Many supporters of the Act claim this is not true and offer as proof the fact that the cards specifically state the signer is requesting a vote.  True enough, but what’s not mentioned is the fine print that says signing the card authorizes the union to represent the signer.  Here’s a sample card found on the National Right to Work web site:


Sample check card

Sample check card

Why is this important?  Because most workers will be told that an election may be held should more than 30% of the employees sign check cards.  They’re not told that if 51% sign cards the union is immediately authorized to be their representative.  Pity the poor soul who would rather not join but when confronted by a union representative and/or fellow workers and  pressured to sign the check card, agrees to do so believing the worst that could happen is that he later can vote “NO” in a secret ballot.  Lo and behold, his is the vote that breaks the 50% barrier and he becomes a dues-paying union member.   Jonah Goldberg  recently did an excellent job explaining the pitfalls inherent in the proposed process.

So not only are the unions employing stealth letter writers in an attempt to influence public opinion regarding the upcoming vote concerning EFCA, they also will use stealth tactics in the actual process.  I believe workers deserve better…

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