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All The News That’s Not Fit to Print

April 1, 2009

Mainstream news organizations are ignoring major developments that are in direct response to the Obama administration’s activities. I recently searched the local paper’s archives for the term “tea party” and  received the message, “Sorry, we were unable to locate document(s) pertaining to your request.” This isn’t surprising. During President Bush’s tenure the press sent delegations to cover the congregation of as few as three members of Code Pink, the assemblage of a couple ACORN protesters, or the lamentations of a fruitcake like Cindy Sheehan. But today, the grassroots protest rallys initially suggested by CNBC’s Rick Santelli and now known as tea parties are getting absolutely no coverage despite the fact that they’ve been held in over twenty cities and draw substantial numbers. (Images are available here and here.)  The events have been ignored by the likes Washington Post and USA Today, by every television and cable news outlet other than Fox News and CNN, and of course by the Beaver County Times.

The media determines the public’s reaction to current events as much by what they don’t cover as what they do, perhaps more so.  I’ve said our news organizations are carrying water of the Obama administration. This is just one more example.


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