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Hate mongers in the press: Left-wing zealotry from the MSM

April 9, 2009

Just as the writer’s of the 80’s cartoon “Scooby Doo” relied upon the same story line week in and week out – something horrible manifests itself, the most obvious explanation for the event is discounted, and then Shaggy and Scooby almost miraculously determine the underlying cause of the manifestation – so, too does the liberal press fall back upon their tried-and-true themes whenever real life presents us with an actual scary monster.  This week’s episode is entitled, “Why Someone Would Ambush the Pittsburgh Police,” sub-titled “It Must be Sean Hannity’s Fault.”

While research leads to accurate news reporting it doesn’t allow for sensationalizing when writing a slanted editorial.  Heaven forbid that the Beaver County Times would let facts get in the way of fingering conservative bogeymen whenever they can.  Today, the paper may have sunk to an all-time low in using the tragic slaying of three Pittsburgh police officers to advance its own particular brand of witch-hunting.  (Editorial here.)  So the readers of this “newspaper” are stuck reading that officers Scuillo, Mayle, and Kelly had been ambushed by Paul (sic) Poplawski, whom it portrays as a “23-year-old juiced up on far-right conspiracy theories… attracted to violence and the hatred spewed by the far right.”

Granted, Poplawski did frequent neo-Nazi hate sites on the Internet and has some unconventional views with regard to the Obama Administration’s gun control intentions.  But when the Times writes that there’s a “right-wing war against America” it isn’t referring to the most extreme of extreme elements on the right.  No, the Times insists that Poplawski was unduly influenced by conservative talk radio.  The weighty thinkers on the Times’ editorial staff have delved deeply into this man’s mind and ascertained that he was driven to this heinous act at the behest of Rush Limbaugh.  The Beaver County Times claims it’s not radicalized Islam we should worry about; no, according to them…

The real threat to the American way of life is from the far right (and its enablers, especially talk radio). They are the ones who don’t understand the principles and ideals on which this nation was founded. They are the terrorists within. Sciullo, Mayhle and Kelly are the latest victims in the far right’s war against America.

On its face this statement is absurd.  I defy the editors of this paper to offer examples of a talk radio show advocating a “war against America.”

Additionally, a close scrutiny of this individual’s history further brings into question the Times’ underlying assumption.  These facts were presented by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Richard Poplawski as moody, sometimes depressed and dogged by fears that he was being victimized by an unfair world he couldn’t control.  Pittsburgh police charged him with smoking in the annex building of North Catholic High School. According to Poplawski’s family and friends, he dropped out of North Catholic but later earned a high school equivalency degree.  On Dec. 13, 2004, Poplawski enlisted in the Marine Corps, but he was administratively discharged 23 days later, according to Department of Defense records. He later told pals and his girlfriend Melissa Gladish of Verona, that he was kicked out after scuffling with a drill instructor at Parris Island., S.C.

In 2005, Gladish filed for a domestic abuse protection order against Poplawski. She said he dragged her by the hair across the floor and threatened to kill her. He was never charged, and Gladish said she avoided him for the next four years.

In 2006, Poplawski moved briefly to Palm Beach County, Fla., to work on a crew that cut and installed glass.

In Florida, he seemed to become increasingly radicalized by online discussions with white supremacists. Posting under the name “RichP” on Internet white-power sites such as “Stormfront” in 2006 and later as “Braced for Fate,” Poplawski believed that Jews had taken over the federal government and that America was devolving into a “police state.”

Records show Poplawski returned to Pittsburgh in 2007 but rarely held a job for long, friends and family said. He continued posting on white supremacist Internet sites, often displaying his chest tattoo of a German “iron eagle” popular with a Pennsylvania skinhead group he met online.

Here’s a man who was demonstrably antisocial at a very young age, who carried this behavior through high school and on to a short stint in the Marines.  He was unable to maintain steady  employment and apparently was not exposed to fringe right-wing elements until he was 19 years old ,and that exposure was on the Internet.  He is by nature a sociopath, a monster.  Yet according to the Times, it’s Bill O’Reilly who deserves blame for Poplawski’s actions.

Just like the Scooby Doo series, this has become a tired storyline.  And similarly it’s a fiction — one that only a left-wing kook could find creditable.  It’s a shame THAT fringe element is being fed by the likes of a supposedly mainstream newspaper.

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  1. D. Scott Charlton permalink
    April 9, 2009 9:14 am

    Excellent writing. Just another point, earlier today I saw an old WWII poster showing a German army officer jamming a knife through a bible. Now, if Poplawski was infact a white-supremesist (Hitler lover)it seems to me, especially with the “Brown Shirt” regime Obama wants to put together, that maybe Poplawski is actually left wing nut job more than a listener of Hannity, Beck, Quinn, or Limbaugh.

  2. Aaron Charlton permalink
    April 10, 2009 10:46 am

    This was my favorite part of the Times’ article:

    “We can debate gun control and we can bemoan the economic, social and family conditions that went into creating someone like Poplawski.

    But we also need to take a good hard look at the danger that the far right poses to our domestic tranquility.”

    Reiterated: Let’s neglect the actual causes of such behavior and spin the story to the right.

  3. theabatis permalink*
    April 10, 2009 11:36 am

    It’s like the Wizard of Oz…”Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” We’re supposed to be fearful of the scary-looking flames instead — even thogh they’re doing no harm at all.

  4. Parker Charlton permalink
    April 10, 2009 1:05 pm

    “They (the talk radio hosts) are the ones who don’t understand the principles and ideals on which this nation was founded.” I’m confused as to what principles and ideals they are referring to. Is it the principle of a free economy? It can’t be that because President Obama wants us to move toward socialism. Is it the principle of the right to bear arms? I guess it isn’t that one either since the left would have us destroy all guns. Maybe it’s the principle of free elections, but then again we run into another leftist road block. Can someone explain what principles he is refering to?

    • theabatis permalink*
      April 11, 2009 3:53 pm

      Don’t you find it interesting that a newspaper that has a history of blocking a blog commenter simply because that commenter had the effrontery to question the paper’s motivation for writing an article, has itself the audacity to say others don’t understand the founding fathers’ principles and ideals?


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