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MSM Smears Talk Radio – Redux

April 13, 2009

Last Wednesday  I rebutted an absurd editorial printed in the Beaver County Times.  The opinion piece linked Richard Poplawski’s despicable ambush of three Pittsburgh police officers to right-wing talk radio.  My post, however,  missed a very important point that was caught and documented today by Ralph Reiland.

While I took the Times to task for making the above-mentioned claim I let pass this assertion:

Except for brief outbreaks of left-wing violence, most recently in the late 1960s and early 1970s, political violence in the United States has been the almost exclusive domain of the right.

Perhaps the Beaver county Times could have read, oh, THE PREVIOUS MONTH’S NEWS?  Maybe buried somewhere in the pabulum that passes for hard-hitting journalism in Beaver County’s newspaper of record was a story that described the  shooting of four police officers in Oakland , California.  Mr. Reiland detailed what followed the Oakland shooting:

Carrying “Lovelle Is a Hero” posters, demonstrators marched in support of cop-killer Mixon on the eve of the four officers’ funerals. Spokesmen for the marchers said that Mixon took a “righteous stand” and “symbolized the resistance to the colonial system that occupies Oakland.”

The Uhuru Movement, a community group promoting “economic justice” in Oakland, issued a “Statement on the Killing of Four Oakland Officers and Lovelle Mixon.” The police, said Uhuru, are “a military force with the assignment to carry out a violent containment policy,” a force to hold down the poor, protect the rich and “facilitate” the crack-cocaine plague in African communities.”

And Lovelle Mixon? Simple. “Mixon’s actions were the result of years of oppression.”

And from Andrew Sullivan? No comment about how years of Marxist propaganda and victimology studies can make people completely nuts.

Continually hearing left-wing propagainda that reinforces the belief that one is “downtrodden” and at the mercy of a “colonial system” is as likely elicit a murderous response as does tuning in a right-of-center talk show host.  I’m willing to bet it’s more so.


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