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Of COURSE veterans are violent

April 14, 2009

A hat tip to James Taranto for bringing to light a calumnious training program that had been instituted at Penn State University.  Or rather, had been attempted to have been instituted until some took notice of the training video that had been created by the university’s Counseling and Psychological Services office.  This video includes a gratuitous stereotype (accepted by the left, not the right) of military veterans being in need of “counseling” subsequent to re-entry into civilian life.  Wrote Taranto:

The video’s salient stereotype, however, is not of veterans as thickheaded but as angry. The instructor reluctantly tells the chairman that the student’s “tone is very confrontational, and I feel like he’s always on the verge of losing his temper.” The chairman asks if he has threatened her or if she is “worried about what he might do.” She says no, but “he makes me really uneasy.” He gives her some obvious advice, beginning: “If he ever threatens you, you call the police right away.”

The video infers that a veteran will naturally have violent tendencies.  This is an insult to all who have served our great nation and demonstrates while that our institutions of higher learning teach that we dare not be  judgmental of others, certain presumptions are acceptable.  Here is the video.  Judge for yourself.

Why did the depiction of a veteran as being angry and confrontational fall within the bounds of political correctness as is usually practiced within the confines of academia?  Why not an angry Arab, or a confrontational black?  No, THOSE stereotypes would be considered offensive (because the are), but this one is recognized fact, isn’t it?

This anti-military attitude also is evidenced when a homicide happens to have been committed by a vet.  I never see on television or in the print a reference to a killer’s background if he or she happened once to have been a member of a barbershop quartet or an ex-cheerleader.  But let the perpetrator be an ex-Marine and for some reason that  information is noteworthy.

All vets and those who support our troops should contact Penn State and voice their anger over their (attempted) use of this invidious generalization.

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