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Miscellaneous Musings

April 16, 2009

  • Does anyone else find it disconcerting that our government now refuses to use the word “terrorist”  when referring to  persons who’ve caused “man-made disasters” but has no problem using that term to label 2nd amendment supporters, states rights advocates, anti-abortion activists, opponents of illegal immegration, and returning veterans?
  • (With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)   If you believe a woman’s right to choose perhaps should be trumped by the likely opinion of the human about to die in the procedure…you might be a terrorist threat.
  • (Warning, spoil alert – subject of a future post follows.)  The content editor of the Beaver County Times no longer allows The Abatis to comment on the paper’s blog because I’ve so often offered scathing commentary on their motives, blatant biases, and intelligence — but the editorial section editor is game enough print a letter to the editor I penned yesterday that blasted the paper and one of its writers for those exact things.  At least one of the paper’s employees isn’t afraid of constructive criticism.
  • If you think the second amendment was written so that citizens would have weaponry to rise up against a totalitarian government rather than just for hunting and trap shooting…you might be a terrorist threat.
  • So, now that Obama is running GM he’s going to force the company to build autos that no one will buy unless gasoline is over $4 a gallon.  I’ll bet he finds a way to make those cars move off the lots.  Did I say they might be bought when gas is over four bucks?
  • If you know the words of the 10th amendment and believe they are the “essential contraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution” that then-Senator Obama referred to when opining that the courts didn’t often enough ignore them…you might be a terrorist threat.
  • When a newspaper starts an editorial with the sentences, “Let’s get this straight right up front.  American don’t pay enough in federal taxes,” do they really expect anyone with half a brain to take the remainder of the article seriously?
  • If you’re concerned that millions of illegal immigrants are flowing into our country, forcing communities to expend scarce resources on their upkeep, contributing to gangs, lawlessness,  and prison overcrowding, sending US dollars out of the country to their families, and truly taking jobs that Americans WILL do now that unemployment is over 8%…you might be a terrorist threat.
  • If an alleged reporter can do this to an individual exercising his right to protest a burgeoning government does the network who employs her have the right to claim they’re a news organization — or should they simply fess up and register as an Obama Administration adjunct?
  • If you’ve just returned from your second tour of duty in Iraq and are proud of your contribution to the  establishment of a working democracy in the Middle East…you might be a terrorist threat.
  • President Obama’s staff yesterday claimed the Prez was unaware that “Tea Parties” were to be held across the nation.  And the Democrats said George Bush was out of touch.  Then again, if Obama gets his news from the eerily silent MSM…
  • And finally:  If you write a blog questioning the wisdom of  Janet Napolitano and the DHS in releasing an ill-conceived and poorly researched assessment of the so-called radical right…you might be a terrorist threat.   Oh, oh.
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  1. Aaron permalink
    April 17, 2009 8:07 am

    With regards to illegals flowing into the country…Maryland’s Democratic governor Martin O’Malley finally took a stand by proposing legislation enacting a two-tiered driver’s licensing system. In this legislation, according to the Washington Post,
    “undocumented immigrants would have access to the license they can get now, which requires proof that they live in Maryland. But it could not be used to board airplanes, enter federal buildings or cross borders. A separate license would be issued to those who can show they are in the country legally. That would put the state into compliance with the federal Real ID security mandate.”
    This is the first step in limiting illegal aliens. I have just one suggestion to improve this license…issue it before they come into the country.

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