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Post-Partisanship for Me but not for Thee

April 23, 2009

Candidate Barack Obama ran on a promise of post-partisanship should he be elected.  Even the day before inauguration we were offered hope this would be the case.  NPR wrote:

When he was running for president, Barack Obama presented himself as a postpartisan figure. He promised to bridge barriers – not just barriers of race and culture, but also ideology and party. It wasn’t exactly clear then what Obama’s postpartisanship would mean in practice, but a picture is now emerging.

Since the election, Obama’s rhetoric hasn’t changed. He’s still trying to position himself above or outside the traditional partisan divide .

Right.  So what have we seen in the first weeks of this “post-partisan”  administration?  What does that picture look like?  We’ve seen Obama criticize a former president while visiting touring Europe, an almost unheard-of  activity.  (Well, except for the antics of Jimmie Carter, but he has neither credibility nor couth.)

And now, President Obama announced that rather being “focused on looking forward” (in the words of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs) he will consider the investigation and prosecution of former Administration officials who offered legal opinion in favor of using aggressive interrogation techniques on captive enemy combatants.  This bow to the far-left fringe of the Democratic party lays waste to any hope that Obama will seek bipartisanship during his term.   Should he allow these investigations he will have poisoned any hope for cooperation from Republicans over the next four or eight years.

He’ll live to regret it.

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