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Our Military’s Toughest Enemy – Their Commander in Chief

April 26, 2009

Time after time the men and women in our military have proven they are the world’s premier fighting force, unsurpassed in ability or technology.   It’s becoming apparent, however, that they have an enemy they cannot possibly defeat.  His name is Barack Obama. 

Obama has made it clear that he little respects those in our armed forces.  The past two weeks offer startling proof.  First we read that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security thought it prudent to warn civil police forces that they should pay a close scrutiny to veterans returning from the Middle East. It seems the DHS believes their military training could make them prime recruitment targets for far-right groups, as if the vets are predisposed to such activities.  Later this week Obama’s administration agreed to release photographs that purportedly show the abuse of prisoners by American personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Steve Schippert details both Obama’s failure to support his troops and the deleterious effect this will have on military morale and retention.

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