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Obama Pays Back the Unions

April 27, 2009

Demonstrating its complete obeisance to big labor the Obama Administration today rolled back financial reporting rules had been instituted during the Bush’s tenure.  While Obama and his colleagues had promised a greater “transparency” during his time in office he’s not going to require the same from HIS union bosses — who evidently prefer the ability to hide their spending and compensation practices and have argued that the accounting requirements are “too onerous.”  I wonder if Obama will allow corporations to get out from under Sarbannes-Oxley?  Doubt it.

Additionally, a former AFL-CIO attorney who last year helped file a lawsuit against the Department of Labor, Deborah Greenfield, is now a high-level deputy for that Department.  The “transparent” Obama Administration won’t divulge if she was influential in reversing the reporting requirements.

The Washington Times has the details.

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