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When Condi Talks…

May 4, 2009

Condoleeza Rice has returned to Stanford University.  During a recent exchange in a dorm  she thoughtfully, respectfully, and articulately set straight a misguided young adult who parroted the common liberal-left view regarding enhanced interrogation techniques.  She also refused to respond to any question or comment that included the misnomer “torture.”

Note that this was an informal gathering and that the room was abuzz with side conversations,  but everyone stopped to listen when Condi began to emphasize the responsibilities faced by the Administration post-911 (at approximately the 1:40 mark.)

Now, I think she did a poor job when she stumbled over the “…when the President authorizes…” stuff (at 4:23.)   But hey, she wasn’t using a teleprompter and we’ve all come to give pass to verbal miscues when anyone is speaking off-the-cuff, right?

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